Dry needling

Dry needling can assit with a number of concerns


Muscular tightness

Tension headaches

Calf tightness and spasms

Spasms in the neck, back and shoulder


Jaw pain

Buttock and leg pain

Sciatica and hamstring strain

Arm pain such as tennis elbow

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Golfer’s elbow

Muscle pain


Dry needling sets off a response in your body that aids healing. Your nervous system responds to the pain, and will then release neurochemicals that can help you to get better.


Neurochemicals like endorphins and corticosteroids are released into your body. Next, your immune system sends white blood cells to the injured area, and these assist in the healing process.


An inflammatory response is also triggered by dry needling, and red blood cells will come to the injured site with nutrients and oxygen to assist your healing.

Dry needling is a medical procedure used as a therapy for muscle pain

During this procedure, a thin and sterilized filament needle is inserted into the muscle at a myofascial trigger point.

These points occur as a result of musculoskeletal stress or nueromuscular dysfunction. Your myofacial trigger points are made up of knots of muscle fibres, and relate to how pain is produced and maintained in your body.

We offer Dry Needling as part of our Myotherapy treatments. To receive Dry Needling, please book a Myotherapy appointment to discuss how dry needling can be incorporated into your health management program.

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