Remedial massage

Remedial massage can assit with a number of concerns

An outcome based massge


Neck pain and stiffness

Pre and post sports event preparation

Wellness and maintenance

Shoulder and rotator cuff pain/injury

Mid and lower back pain and stiffness

Muscular tightness

Sporting and fitness related injuries

Hamstring, groin and calf strain and stiffness


Remedial massage can help to identify and correct postural imbalances that may be contributing to pain or discomfort, promoting better alignment and balance in the body.


Remedial massage can help to reduce stress and anxiety, contribute to improved overall wellbeing and quality of life by promoting relaxation and easing tension in the body.


Remedial massage can help athletes and sportspeople to prepare for or recover from physical activity by improving circulation, reducing muscle tension, and promoting relaxation.

This treatment is perfect for: athletes, office-workers and everyday people who want to maintain their posture, reduce discomfort and live a healthy, active life

We've got your back: A Remedial Massage will heal, correct and alleviate

Remedial Massage involves the application of techniques to muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia, with the goal of addressing pain, injury and wellbeing. Remedial Massage draws on soft tissue techniques, such as effleurage and petrissage, as well as stretching and heat application, to support the body’s own repair mechanisms.

Our highly trained therapists will take care of you and work closely to alleviate stress, discomfort and pain.

However, Remedial Massage is not only used to treat pain and injury. Regular treatments play a major role in maintaining optimal musculoskeletal health, preventing injury, and improving both physical performance and general wellbeing.

If you suffer from any muscular tightness, a stiff neck or mid to lower back discomfort, a Remedial Massage is a great way to correct and maintain this. 

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