Work From Home Tips & Exercises

As many of us are now working from home we are spending far more time each day isolated in our home offices. This is causing many issues ranging from bad posture, ignoring personal fitness and placing stress on our mental health. Throughout this period we will be creating blogs linking to expert information that can provide you with the details you need to make the most of this time and feel at your best every day.

We highly recommend that you enhance your life with as much structure and routine as possible! This means sticking to that morning yoga session or afternoon jog that you may not feel like doing on any given day.



Standing Desks

If you have been lucky enough to pick up a standing desk your body will be very grateful! Long periods of sitting have been linked with many health problems including high blood pressure, excess body fat and higher cholesterol levels. However, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that your standing desk is set up appropriately. The below image by the Mayo Clinic outlines just how you should be looking to set up your standing desk.

For a more in-depth guide of setting up your standing desk you can view the link below:


Stretches For Pain Relief

Whilst the Studio Musculoskeletal Clinic is waiting to reopen, we want to provide you with pain relief stretches that can help to manage any discomfort you might be feeling whilst self-isolating at home.

It is important to remember that there are different types of stretches for different occasions. For example, static stretching should only be done after your body has warmed up, whereas dynamic stretching can potentially be used during your warm-up or early stages of your workout.

This week we will be taking a look at some of Dom Mckay’s YouTube content which is a fantastic resource for anyone searching for pain relief techniques.


Dom Mckay takes us through some helpful stretches that assist with neck and shoulder pain:


In this video, Dom Mckay shows us how to fix upper back pain using a foam roller and massage ball:





The facility is clean and tidy and the staff are very professional and give great treatment and advice. Anyone struggling with muscle tightness should get in contact.