Why Maintenance Treatments are the Key to Optimal Health!

There are more than 150 diagnoses for musculoskeletal conditions that affect the skeletal system. Conditions can be categorised by lowered physical function and pain that can lead to severe decline both mentally and physically in future years. These conditions can refer to issues in tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and muscles. Musculoskeletal injuries can refer to shorter-term injuries such as fractured bones too long-term injuries such as certain disabilities. In fact, musculoskeletal injuries are the most common cause of disabilities and long-term pain. Therefore, it is extremely important to get on top of these conditions are early as possible and continue to treat them regularly as we age.

Musculoskeletal therapy is a happy medium between physiotherapy and remedial massage that Utilises hands-on treatments, assessment and rehabilitation. These techniques are used for a range of different treatments such as dry needling, joint mobilisation, neural mobilisation, thermal applications, massage and rehab exercises. Perfect for anyone that is experiencing discomfort or stress, maintenance treatments for the musculoskeletal system can prevent inflammation and injury.

The Australian Institute of health states that over 1 in 4 Australians have a musculoskeletal condition that would benefit from therapy. The causes of musculoskeletal injuries are widely varied. One of the most common causes occurs when muscle tissue is damaged by everyday life activities over long periods of time. Other potential causes may include poor posture, overuse, prolonged mobilisation or repeated actions. The most common musculoskeletal injuries are osteoarthritis, back and neck pain, bone fractures from fragility and general injuries.


When rehabilitating from an injury it is extremely important to fully recover in order to prevent mental stress and reinjury. Incomplete rehabilitation has led to a reinjury epidemic where people have been setting their recovery goals back months or even years. One of the most important aspects of the care provided by our highly trained therapists is to ensure that you are able to take full control of your rehabilitation both in and outside of our studio.

One key thing that isn’t considered often enough is to take advantage of maintenance treatments. Maintenance treatments can be one of the best ways to ensure that your injury heals back to its full capabilities. For the same reasons that people who are fit, workout with personal trainers or partners, maintenance treatments ensure that you are able to be disciplined and stick to your treatment regime. Not only will you have the knowledge to provide yourself with optimal care outside of the studio, but you will learn exactly how to manage your recovery from a mental aspect.

Remedial Massage

Let’s take remedial massage as an example of a treatment that greatly benefits from consistency and maintenance sessions. Remedial massage is commonly used to assist with a variety of health issues such as chronic pain, back pain and muscle and tendon injuries. However, remedial massage is perfect for alleviating stress, increasing blood flow circulation, reducing recurring pain and better sporting performance. The four benefits listed above are all far more prevalent when regular maintenance treatments take place.

Regular remedial massage sessions will help to remove the lactic acid build up in muscles which in turn increases circulation and lowers blood pressure. Another example of the long-term benefits of remedial massage can be seen in reducing recurring pain. Remedial massage moves you one step closer to optimal musculoskeletal health by maintaining physical performance levels and preventing injuries. Another major benefit of long-term remedial massage can be vastly improved posture. When signs are observed of poor posture that can be one of the clearest warnings that something is imbalanced in the body. If you allow yourself the time for your body to truly heal through remedial massage you will see the long-term effects.


Another service offered by Studio Musculoskeletal is myotherapy. During our myotherapy sessions we combine health and fitness advice, hands-on treatment techniques, injury prevention strategies and provide exercises for optimal musculoskeletal wellness. Myotherapy is another example of a treatment that can be extremely effective over long periods of time. Myotherapy has been proven to assist over time by reducing the pain from tension headaches naturally. It doesn’t matter what your daily or weekly choice of exercise is, myotherapy can help in many areas of exercise programs. Myotherapy helps you attend to your muscle fatigue early and aids the body in recovery. Finally, Myotherapy is fantastic for helping to prevent unnecessary surgery. Make sure you observe all options available to you before going into surgery, there are some cases where myotherapy is able to help the body recover naturally.


Last week we spoke about the long-term effects of acupuncture and we felt that it was important to stress one of those key factors again in this weeks’ blog! With over 10% of the population facing mild sleep disorders, long term acupuncture can be a fantastic and cost-effective way for people to get that little bit of extra shut-eye.  Acupuncture stimulates the brain which produces more neurotransmitters to assist with sleep and relaxation. This gentle needling procedure addresses the imbalances within your body and has no nasty side effects!

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As you can see there are tons of awesome benefits available to those who take up consistent maintenance treatments. Not only will you feel the benefits of stronger rehabilitation results, longer amounts of sleep each night and better sporting performance but you will learn the self-discipline and what is required to take control of your musculoskeletal health outside of the studio. Studio Musculoskeletal promises to use our science-based techniques and highly trained therapists to provide you with everything you could possibly need for a healthy, healing life.


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